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Pipe bursting rig 60 ton

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Pipe Bursting Rig are used to destroy existing pipes and to tighten new ones to their place.
This technology is used to replace water pipes of house inputs in residential and commercial buildings, in the renovation of water supply and sewerage networks, for the installation of cable boxes and communication lines. The rig is compact enough and can be used effectively in cramped conditions.


Max pulling force     (60 tonn) 210 bar
     Old pipe      Ø 35 - 300 mm
     New pulling pipe      Ø 65 - 380 mm
     Length      till 150 m
     Speed of pulling      60 m/h
     Маx. Working pressure      180-210 bar
     Hydraulic oil flow      20 - 60 l/min
     Pulling rope      Ø 32 mm
Weight (without rope)     470 kg