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СPT Rig 8-15


* The price without the cost of the chassis.
The rig USZ with CPT test system is a special complex-laboratory, the purpose of which is to crush the electronic measuring equipment in the ground, the measuring equipment is connected to the recording device or computer displays the soil parameters.
The statistical sensing unit can be mounted on a vehicle or all-terrain vehicle with the appropriate load capacity. A feature of these car laboratories is that the crushing device is located in the center of mass of the car weight of the Assembly should be 10-15% higher than the force of indentation, the rig USZ force of indentation is up to 15 tons. therefore, the following cars with kung: KAMAZ Ural, MAZ can be used as the basic machines for the rig of USZ. This rig can be mounted on the tracked chassis which for the USZ as selected based on the total weight of the laboratory Assembly and load capacity of the chassis


Specefication of CTP test:


Max. impressing force , kg

8000 – 15000

Speed of impressing, m/min.

0,9 – 1,5

Speed of lifing, m/min.

till  2

Operation pressure, kg/cm2


Diameter of operating hydrocylinder, mm  


with 1 hydrocylinder


with 2 hydrocylinder


Valve rod travel, mm

till 1250