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The crawler drilling rig is designed for drilling geophysical and structural exploration wells for oil and gas, exploration of solid minerals, building materials and groundwater, engineering and geological surveys, as well as drilling water intake and blast wells.
Drilling is performed by a rotational method with washing or purging of the well or augers. 
Moving along the mast rotator with hydraulic drive in conjunction with a special Elevator is used for screwing and unscrewing drill pipes and perform lifting operations.
The tripping and flow of the drilling tool in the bottom hole are produced by using hydraulic flow and provides optimum pressure on the face, including when drilling with air hammers and enables highly efficient drilling in rocks of any fortress.
Manage the installation tool is hydroficated and is carried out with the remote control. Serve the drilling rig two people. The unit is mounted on the frame of the skidder TT-4M or T-147.00 and is driven by its diesel engine.


Diameter of drilling wells, mm

- Initial 190

- the final geophysical wells 118

- the final structural-search 93

- final structural wells with washing 93

- when blowing the face with air 118

- Augers 150

Conventional drilling depth of geophysical wells, m


- with air 50

- with washing 100

- structural wells with washing 300

- Augers 30

Permissible load on the hook (elevator), kN (kgf) no more than 46 (4600) ± 10%

Working pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa (kgf / cm2) 10 (100) ± 5%

Rate of lifting of the drilling tool, m / s 0 ... 1,2

Weight of rig, kg 17500

Additional equipment of the rig

drilling pumps:

NB-50, NB4-160 / 63 (with gearbox)

of the compressor: 4ВУ1-5 / 9М32, КВ-10 / 10С

generators: БГ-16 and БГ-30, ГД-4006

nodes: URB-2D3 (mast, carriage, rotator, elevator)