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URB 2A2 & CPT test


* The price is without the cost of the chassis.
Installation of static sensing USZ is a special complex-laboratory, the purpose of which is to crush the electronic measuring equipment in the ground, the measuring equipment is connected to the recording device or computer displays the soil parameters.
The statistical sensing unit can be mounted on a vehicle or all-terrain vehicle with the appropriate load capacity. A feature of these car laboratories is that the crushing device is located in the center of mass of the car weight of the Assembly should be 10-15% higher than the force of indentation, the installation USZ force of indentation is up to 15 tons. therefore, the following cars with kung: KAMAZ Ural, MAZ can be used as the basic machines for the installation of USZ. This installation can be mounted on the tracked chassis which for the USZ as selected based on the total weight of the laboratory Assembly and load capacity of the chassis.
The drilling rig URB-2A2 is designed for drilling geophysical and structural exploration wells for oil and gas, exploration of solid minerals, building materials and groundwater, engineering-geological surveys, drilling of water intake and blast wells. Drilling is performed by a rotational method with washing or purging of the well or augers.
The unit is mounted on the chassis of the Amur-531300, Ural, KAMAZ, MTLB and is driven by the car engine.
Moving along the mast rotator with hydraulic drive is used in drilling, augmentation of the drilling tool on the job and performs together with the hydraulic lift work on the descent (lifting) of the tool and its supply during drilling. The rotator is moved along the mast with the help of a hydraulic cylinder and a hoisting system.
Management of drilling rig tool is hydroficated and fully concentrated on the driller's console. On the remote are the control devices and regulators efforts to slaughter, feed speed and lift, and the frequency of rotation of a spindle of the rotator.


Conditional depth of drilling, m:
structurally-search wells with washing
geophysical wells 
with washing
with compressor
with augers
Initial drilling diameter with flushing, mm
Final drilling diameter with flushing, mm
structurally-search wells
geophysical wells
Diameter of drilling with blowing, mm
Diameter of drilling by screws, mm
The rotational speed of the drilling rig, rpm
90, 180
The maximum twisting moment, N*m
Feed rate of the rotator, mm
Rate of lifting of the drilling tool, m/s
Working pressure in hydraulic system, mPa
Lifting capacity of mast lifting cylinder, N (kgf)        58800 (6000)
Effort to rise, kg
Feeding force down, kg

Technical characteristics of CPT 
Maximum pressing force, kg           8000 – 15000
The penetration rate of the probe, m/min 
0,9 – 1,5
The extraction speed of the probe, m/min 
до 2
Operating pressure, kg/cm2 110
Working cylinder diameter, mm
option with one hydraulic cylinder
option with two hydraulic cylinders
Stroke stroke, mm
up to 1250