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Drilling rig BA 15.06 is designed for drilling wells for various purposes in a rotary way in soft and medium hard rocks with direct washing of the face.
We assembled a BA-15 self-propelled drilling unit according to the classical scheme with the necessary improvements. Installation is fully mechanically controlled.


Characteristic Value
Value Diesel engine YMZ-236/238 with gearbox
Conventional drilling depth, m:  
- pipes with a diameter of 60.3 mm; 63.5 mm 500-700
- pipes with a diameter of 73 mm; 89 mm 300-500
The recommended diameter of drilling pipes, mm: 60,3; 63,5
- initial, mm 243
- final, mm 93
The recommended diameter of drilling pipes, mm: 73; 89
- initial, mm 394
- final, mm 190
Load capacity, kN 200
Rotator type rotary
Maximum torque on the spindle, N * m 7 850
Rotational speed of the rotor system, rpm 2,16
Winch type double drum
Mast Type Steel, welded
Recommended candle length, m 6-12
Pump equipment
power, kWt 50
The largest volumetric flow of the drilling pump, m3 / h 23,4
Maximum pressure at the outlet of the drilling pump, MPa 6,3
Generator set
power, kWt 35
Limits of regulation, And 60-430
Drilling tool
The complex of drilling nozzles Kit
Customer chassis - assembly free URAL 4320-1916-40
Off-road, wheel formula 6*6