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installations, drilling tools, crawler bases,
wood-cutting complexes, special equipment
  • Russia, Chelyabinsk city
  • Samohina street, 188

Pile screwinger SV 15


The advantages of working compared to manual method: 
1. time for installation of one pile is significantly lower 
2. pile is wrapped without jerks, easier to control the vertical 
3. possibility to work near the house or fence


Hydraulic motor Planetary constant working volume rotary planetary type
Sense of rotation  Reversible
Working fluid Mineral oil type VMGZ, I20A, I40A
Displacement 5000 cm3
Rated torque 6320 Nm
Maximum torque 9000 Nm
Rotational speed of face value  6 rev / min
Rotational speed minimanaya  1.5 rev / min
Maximum rotation speed  16 rev / min
High pressure hoses (HPH)  2 pcs. 6 m.