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Mini excavator GEOGID 20G-P


From the description of mini-excavators it is clear that they are designed for a relatively small amount of excavation work that must be performed in cramped conditions. Mini excavators can work on busy streets and highways without stopping traffic. Therefore, the mini-excavators used in urban households with water services and gas industry for piping, communications and energy for laying cables, road services for the installation of fences and road signs, landscapers for landscaping courtyards and tree planting, emergency services in the emergency cases (possible to work with radio control), builders for the greatest amount of work (e.g., foundations, or country houses), by archaeologists for excavation. There are also cases of using mini-excavators for reconstruction and demolition of buildings by the method of work on their interstory floors (work on the dismantling of the hotel "Russia" in Moscow).


Model:  Budget Standart Premium
Length * Width * Hight, mm        3600*1260*3500    3600*1260*3500     3600*1260*3500  
Mass, kg 2200 2300 2400
24 hp. Gasoline 24 hp. Gasoline 24 hp. Gasoline
Base:  XL  XL XL
Cab: No No Yes
Rotary mechanism No Yes Yes
Heater No No Yes
Dump height, m 3,3 3,3 3,3
Digging depth, m 3 3 3
Bucket capacity, m3 0,05 0,05 0,05
Operation pressure, bar 160 160 160