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Rod Pusher PU-40


Guided Mini HDD Rig PU-40 with 40-ton traction force can be used not only for laying new communications, but also for replacing old cast iron and steel pipes. Due to the high traction force and torque, the Guided Mini HDD Rig PU-40 easily passes distances up to 150 m, the maximum expansion of the well in this case is up to 400 mm.the Guided Mini HDD Rig PU-40 is equipped with a full set of tools, including destroyers and a location system. At the customer's choice, the installation can be equipped with rods 650 mm and 1000 mm long.





Маx. length of drilling, m


Max. Expanse diameter, mm 


Size (LхWхH), mm


Rig base
high-pressure pump station



Weight (kg)


Weight of parts, kg


- Rig base
- frame* (optionally)
- high-pressure pump station


Rig base

Мах. pulling force (кН)

Max torque (Hm)

Rotation speed (rev/min)




high-pressure pump station

Engine model


Engine type


Pressure in hydraulic system, (bar)


Power of engine, (hp)


Drilling rods

Length (м)


Diameter (мм)


grade of steel



Pipe clamps 

Pipe clamps are used to fix HDPE pipes when pulling into the well. Made of solid metal, the grips securely fasten the pipe, by means of four fixing fingers
Drilling rod

Rod L=694 mm (including threaded connection), working length l 650, steel 30HGSA, thread hardened 3-38 GOST R 50864-96. For ease of use on the drill rod there are 3 "ski", instead of the standard two  
Back-reamers of different diameter

A new model of back-reamers developed by the designers of our company. Now dilators have become easier, as well as reduced the compaction angle Now it is 30 degrees, instead of 70, which greatly facilitates the work in soils 1-3 categories. The model range of back-reamers is represented by a variety of diameters from minimum 90 mm to maximum 400 mm (for a some types of rigs)

Pipe bursting of cast-iron pipes

Shown in the photo the model is designed for the bursting of the only cast-iron pipes. Our company can make a tool for the pipe bursting from any material: steel, ceramics, etc. 

Drilling spear

The drilling spear has a cylinder shape and is used in pilot drilling. The updated model of our drilling spear has a larger area and diameter than the diameter of the rod, which will fully protect you from the so-called "sticking rod" in the ground. 

Drilling pilot

In the manufacturing of drilling pilots, we choose end loading of the probe, as such loading completely eliminates the loss of the probe under the ground when working in difficult soils. On the drilling blade uses a special soldering, which provides wear resistance of the drilling pilot.We also use textolite material for better signal permeability and protection of the probe from dirt and damage.