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MBSH 309


* The price is without the cost of the chassis.
MBSH-309 is used for drilling wells with a diameter of 800 mm in soils of I-IV categories.
The feed mechanism consists of a cable pulley and hydraulic cylinder. It provides supply and removal tool.
A special protective bell protects the wellhead from falling asleep during drilling. It is also necessary to clean the hole from the ground after the work is completed when the mast is in the transport position.
Additionally, MBSH-309 is equipped with welding equipment DSG-01.
Possibility to install crane equipment according to the customer's technical task



Depend on customer request

The maximum drilling depth

up to 50 m (depending on the diameter of the auger)

Drilling diameter

0.36 m, 0.5 m, 0.06 m, 0.8 m

Type of main drilling tool:


drilling method


method of penetration


Maximum torque on the drilling tool

6000 N * m, 600 kg

Maximum axial load on the drilling tool


- Drilling-out

3000 Nm, 300 kgs

- Drilling-in

3000 Nm, 300 kgs

Drivetrain supply drilling tools


Feeding stroke carriage rotator

 3100 mm

Type of rotation the drilling tool


Drilling angle

1.39 rad ... 1.66 rad (80 ° ... 95 °)

Rotational speed drilling tool

25 - 67 rev / min

Technical performance (during drilling 0.5 m)
 in the hollow depth nemёrzlyh soils of category III

15 m/h